Reunion || Brittana

Even though it had only been a couple of days, Santana really missed Brittany. Well, she had been missing Brittany for the past month since she had been with Brett and Dmitri, but she was glad that Brittany was in rehab now. Even thought they couldn’t see each other all the time, Santana was glad that Brittany was getting the help she needed. After her shopping day with Kurt, Santana returned home to drop off her new clothes and to regroup. Retail therapy had been wonderful, but she was so happy that she was going to see Brittany. 

As the Latina made the one hour drive to the rehab center, Santana thought about the future plans she and Brittany had spoken about. She hoped that Brittany really did mean everything she said about what she wanted. Santana wanted all of that too. She finally pulled up and signed in at the desk. She finally made her way into the common room and immediately spotted Brittany. Even though she looked sick, Santana thought that Brittany was the most beautiful sight in the world. “Hey, Britt-Britt.” She said wrapping her arms around her. 

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    "Nope." Santana said shaking her head to clarify. She sighed to herself and wrapped one of her arms around Brittany’s...
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    "Its not?" Brittany questioned wondering how it could be a test if she didn’t have to study for it. She shrugged her...